Since 2013, KM Design Company exists more than to create beautiful spaces… we exist to create a new home+life (homelife)! Inspired by the modern-day family, we fuse tidying techniques, refreshing designs and love for humanity into every home. To achieve your optimal home+life, our services include an exploration of your life, style, and values, making every decision in the design process intentional and worth the investment.


Kristina Michelle

{founder + creative director}

As a lover of people and design, Kristina's passion for a more positive home+life for the modern-day family became evident to her as a little girl who had a big heart. Her little girl dream quickly yet organically morphed into a career at the age of 21. From building dining tables for families to gather, to creating healing spaces for those in recovery, Kristina seized the opportunity to launch her own interior design business on the side in 2013, called Kristina Michelle Designs. Her educated experience has ranged from helping families declutter, tidy and style their homes, all the way to full-blown transformational remodels for the residential community. In 2017, Kristina was able to go full time, re-launching her business as KM Design Company.

“designing is more than simply picking out home appliances and furniture, it’s about creating a space for love to live and dwell.”

KM Design Company’s ultimate goal is to make you and your family come alive more than ever, making your home+life that much more beautiful, life-giving, and contagious for all who enter.