It Started With a Blank Canvas

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It Started With a Blank Canvas

To share my design endeavors means that I must admit to having the most experimental design odyssey one could possibly invest themselves in. Surely my design adventures have consisted of exploring what it means to play with space layout, styles and colors. In a nutshell, this is what I have discovered. 

Sometimes it means to get rid of every single piece of furniture to not only clear the space, but the mind as well. During this time of purging, you can discover some of your most beloved items and accentuate them! Also, allow this time to bring out the essence of your inner being into a space by using objects and colors you most identify with!

To give you a better visual understanding of my personal journey through interior design, let's take a look at how I became my own client. Some of these processes of significantly editing a space, establishing beloved items and adding items/colors I personally identified with, led me into some serious discoveries!

Have you ever gone through your closet and purged all the clothes that no longer fit, are no longer your style or are looking pretty worn down? If you haven't done so yet, purging can be one of the most therapeutic and remedying experiences ever and the same applies to your interior spaces! Living as a college student gave me the luxury of not having a ton to begin with. In those early years of learning, I had been gifted a couple dressers, where distressing became my quick niche and hobby. I began experimenting with textures and it was one of my first design discoveries and probably my favorite to this day! If you love the textured look, then you'll love Rustic Shabby Chic! Show off your rural sweet side through the matted light-color finish and ornate rustic pieces. 

After my serenity kicked in, I was ready for some Bright and Living Color! If you love the chic but also love the peaceful and fresh look by adding some life and bright warm hues, Boho Chic is all you! I played around with a hint of Moroccan and wanted to create the zen feeling!

As my clientele grew, I've discovered something about my male clients, they all love modern! Then add a hint of industrial + modern and you've just become a man's best friend! I learned that this style is their way of expressing their cool and collective nature by making their home a man cave and letting their masculinity take residence with sense of class and modern edginess. 


As I began managing larger budget projects, I began to up-the-scale of the quality of materials I was choosing. I realized that the typical hand-me-downs and distressing wasn't going to cut in the long run. But that doesn't always mean that you can't design on a dime and be minimalistic with your approach to design. I believe that attentiveness to the customer's needs is most important, so when I became conscious of my clients' strict budgets, I soon discovered my love for buying on a bargain. I started selecting items that could be not only cost effective in the long run, but also timeless and traditional where the big items can stay through the ever-changing trends, but the small accessories can easily be switched out with the change of styles and seasons on a smaller budget. 

I've discovered that when you find the style you love, you begin to (what I call) "love on a space with a purpose", where everything in the room agrees with you and you agree with it.

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