Two Peas In A Design Pod


Now that you've heard about a couple of designer gals getting together to make a little design magic happen, we also thought about sharing on how can two completely different design styles work together to make the most creative concoction!

We strongly believe in two really important things: One, it's not what you know, it's who you know; and two, always focus on your WHY. I'd like to emphasize that these highlight relationship and purpose. Furthermore, connection can be the catalyst for creativity. 

When Maci and I had our first conversation about design, we both immediately saw what we had to bring to the table, how our differences could be the perfect weight to even out the scale, and how we could create the perfect business that births creativity and purpose. We believe that people don't buy into what you do, but why you do it. This is what makes our branding unique. So how did we do it? And what made it work, you ask?

If you know Maci, you would know that she's tall, confident, a loving wife, and a super mom to her adorable now 2 year old Charlie, and so much more! Sharp as a business woman but also gentle as a dove, that's Maci! She could easily give you some quick tips on living the whole healthy life as a mom, not to mention she can help you tidy up your home with her professional organization skills, she's a boss! Maci and I had always gotten along with each of our nurturing and empathic natures, but we both also had our experienced backgrounds that drew us to each other. Her experience in business and organization, and my education in the design field. Without Maci's background in business, K|M Design Co. would not be what it is today! Her wealth of knowledge, (not to mention a plethora of resources and connections), has made the difference in technology, structure, and even in style of what K|M Design Co. offers. She loves individual growth, and turning a house into a home. 


If you've ever seen Maci's home, let's just say, it's one of the cutest, coziest, and non-cluttered and well decorated and organized homes! This speaks volumes on Maci's style. This simple and clean minimalist loves to bring warmth into a room with her inviting earthy tones and bring comfort into a home with some soft muted shades. Maci also enjoys the fresh look of white rooms with wood or gold textured pieces, with structured and distinct lines. Maci's WHY is that she has a passion for bringing her insight into design and helping meet a need with a fresh perspective when it comes to practical needs of the client!

Just like Maci's personality, her style is warm, trusting and inviting, where you just want to snuggle up by a fire, and look around and feel like everything is in it's rightful place, letting your mind go free and just relax! I remember when we first set out to create our first design logo, Maci was all about the tall classic lettering for a logo, and a minimal shape for the design of our first business card! And me, I was all about the floral, something to make it POP! 

And I guess that's just how you would describe me, or my design at least: bright, lively and free spirited! I love to bring a focal point to attention, and to brighten someone's day with just a hint or pop of color! Many people know me by my laugh, my joy, and also for my caring and nurturing spirit that I love spreading around! Much like Maci, I too love to have our clients feeling like they finally found "home" every time they walk through that front door. In addition, I reach for inspiring creativity and self awareness where someone can instantly walk into a room and know whether they feel joy, peace, or even motivation. For example, if you're having trouble selecting a color for an office in your home where you can get some solid work done, try selecting a deep blue. Blue is the most productive color and activates the mind. I believe that colors can bring out the right kind of emotions for people! 

So how did someone like Maci and I conjoin both of our personal brands and styles into one? Let's just say it took a few tries to get that business card logo exactly how we both wanted it. With just the right kind of colors, the right kind of lettering, and just the right kind of floral, it took a few times before we both reached our AH-HA moment! And just like that, the constant connection and commitment always pays off in the end! I love that Maci brings her own bit of flare to K|M Design, and that she can reach a clientele with her keen insight on how to make life simpler by just a few tweaks in a home! By continuing to have commitment to our connection and purpose, we realized that our weekly meetings was just the kind of fuel we needed for whatever bumps might lie ahead of us. We believe that no one has fully arrived, and that means that no one is ahead. We continue to be the lever and pulley for each other in times of growth. Whenever I get stuck and need an outside perspective to keep my free spirit in check, Maci helps ground my ideas while she encourages my personal creativity. We do it for each other! Do you ever need a fresh outside perspective? 



Kristina Owen