Pillow Talk

You've heard us talk about never counting out bargain stores like Ikea, Target or HomeGoods but we are also huge advocates for splurging on certain high quality items. We'd like to say mixing low and high quality items is our niche in interior design. One of these items we believe is worth the splurge are pillows! 


Pillows are a fun and affordable way to quickly and easily spruce up any space. Add a small pillow and light throw on a desk chair and voila, your desk space instantly has style. Or load up your lounge sofa with cozy mixed patterned, down pillows and your space is effortlessly more inviting. By updating pillows in any space you can easily give it an affordable facelift. Now, before you run off to snag a few cheap pillows to update your space hear us out on why quality is worth it when purchasing pillows.

We understand it's easy to get caught up in the cute pillow designs you may see when browsing the isles of Target or Ikea but slow down and remember with pillows, you get what you pay for. I have never met a low end pillow that didn't loose it's shape within just a few months if not weeks, of it making residence in my home. 

My husband and I are huge couch loungers. So while we lounge we snuggle up with pillows and blankets on our couch, the pillows inevitability loose their shape. However these PotteryBarn pillows I added to my leather couch have been worth every single penny. This is because the second we stand up from the couch, give them a little punch or two, they are right back to their beautiful, cozy and inviting selves. 

Now if PotteryBarn or custom pillows are truly out of your price range, we understand. One bargain shop we 100% suggest you check out for quality pillows is HomeGoods. You can see here in our Folsom Project, we combined both low and high end pillows that had a mixture of prints and textures to create an inviting cozy guest bedroom. 


In a space such as a guest room, including throw pillows that are of a lower price range can be no problem because they aren't used quite as often. Our only suggestion would be if you do choose to add a budget friendly pillow be sure it is balanced with throws or other pillows of better or at least better looking quality.

One final designer tip when it comes to pillows, do not place a low quality pillow in a high quality pillow cover. With out fail, the low end pillow will not fill out the high end pillow and essentially make the money you splurged on the cover worthless.

Take a peak here at some of the pillows causing us to swoon currently!

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