Hello My Name Is: Kristina

Welcome to the KM Design Co. Blog! 

We are esctatic to have you join us on this journey of the official launch of our website and blog! As we have been in business for a few years, we've been itching to share with you all the in's and out's of the design process. You can tune in here to see our latest posts on some helpful tips to inspire you for some of your own designs, as well as get some insight as to how we do this thing called Interior Design! 

First up me out our founder and Interior Design Partner...enjoy!

Hey! I'm Kristina!

When I was a young girl, I told myself that if I were a designer, I would make the world a beautiful place one room at a time. I went from wanting to be a marine biologist (I loved dolphins), to then wanting an architect (I loved cool buildings), but my passion for interior design far outweighed any other dream. I began experimenting with the only space a a kid was in charge of at the time: her room. Moving bedside lamps, purging clutter (believe it or not), and re-decorating my closet soon became my hobby. Not long after, I realized that I had created a birthing place of inspiration for my own creativity and zest for life. I knew that my life would never look the same, if only I could keep re-designing, re-creating. 

Kindergarten days! Look at that missing tooth!

Kindergarten days! Look at that missing tooth!

I love designing and I love people! I can't imagine my life without the people who have joined me and my crazy journey! I've always been blessed to be surrounded by the greatest encouragers who would tell me to go after my dreams. And thanks to friends and family who would believe in me, I took them and myself seriously and I went to school. When I finally took a design class, I could see my career becoming reality. Soon after, I did something crazy. Have you ever had an opportunity stare at you in the face, waiting for you to take the next step but you had to step through every fear to get to it? Yup, that's what happened. I stopped school to pursue design with everything I had, and it worked. Pretty soon, I was getting clients left and right. I couldn't stop now! I knew that this was only the beginning.

Two years later, I have seen my love for design, paired with people, turn into something I could ever hope to imagine. My dream was to tailor the perfect space to bring healing, to make it a gathering place, and bring people back to life; to bring hope, and encouragement and a sense of finding self. Now I design to meet the simplest needs with a simple act of making a house a home, because home is where the beauty of life begins.

Pretty soon, the design life was exploding and I couldn't fit any more projects on my plate. That's when Maci joined my design adventure! I was taking on the biggest project yet where I actually got a friend who's a contractor along with my parents who are in the flipping houses business to help me! You can imagine this small but mighty one (me) and my DAD carried all the furniture up the stairs. My parents thought I was crazy! That's when I realized I couldn't do this on my own. Maci was a dear friend and acquaintance for some time, and I knew her passion and experience with design and even professional organization was just what this company needed. With Maci's business background, and our friendship as a foundation (especially in the work realm we were already at), I knew I couldn't pass the opportunity to have a business partnership we both always dreamed of. Maci has been more than a business partner, she's been my sharpening iron (who also keeps me in check), and her passion never ceases to feed mine! I wouldn't rather have any other person building this dream together with!

Another side to my endeavors that I simply can't forget, I am a soon-to-be wife to a wonderful man that I call my best friend! As one my first male clients, our love story grew side-by-side with my design business. He has been my greatest patron and friend through the whole process who has made me laugh since day one, even during the three months of furniture shopping! Three months turned into a lifetime really quick! Now he's letting me redesign our house for the rest of our lives!!! 

Me and my super hot soon-to-be hubby!

Me and my super hot soon-to-be hubby!

If you don't feel like you've quite pictured me just yet, I'm a fun size dynamite that likes to explode with elaborate words and my creative ideas never sleep (literally)! I like to imagine myself being in a different country every day, and I am a sucker for warm water beaches. I love being outdoors, staying active and laughing, ALOT! What can I say, it keeps me young! Life is beautiful, and so are you! I hope to empower and inspire you as we both embark on this journey of discovering our nature of creativity, and using it to spread the love and life we've been given!



Kristina Owen