Elements of Home Styling

 As much as we love finding design deals, staying under a budget and maintaining practicality to fit the needs of your lifestyle, we also believe you can actually balance excellence and practicality to marry the two together. If you've glanced at our What We Offer page, you will see Home Styling is one of the packages we offer. In this package, we offer a great deal for those just needing some sifting of the items in their home to decide on what goes, what stays and what gaps need to be filled to tie in the practicality and excellence. We realize the process can sometimes be a daunting task, but here are the three elements of home styling we have found. 


Whether you realize it or not all of us run into the need for home styling at some point in our life. Maybe you've just moved into a new home or the clutter in your home of 10 years has built and it's time let go of somethings. This is where prioritizing and sifting some of your favorite elements comes in. One of our rules of thumb, if its only purpose is to just fill up space, then it's time to let go. If you're like most people, then you've probably experienced something similar when going through your closet. I would find yourself keeping the clothes I don't really wear, either because I paid money for it, or because I tell myself that one day I'll wear it. After this inner battle takes place, I would then hold up a shirt or two and ask myself (or my roommate) "Do I like this?" And she would most likely tell me, "by the look on your face, NO". It's the same with furniture and home accessories.  If you're in that place where you can't decide on what to keep or get rid of, or even what's your personal style, then consider these questions below:

  • Is this something I really love? 
  • Does it express who I am or who my family is?
  • Is it sentimental to me? 
  • Would I miss it if I got rid of it?


Home Editing

Next is the home editing element. This can be very special process because it's an opportunity to bond with your space. Now that you've prioritized and decluttered, you can now see your space for what it really is, with fresh eyes and a new perspective.  In the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun, a newly divorced writer decides to take a trip to Italy, where she ends up buying a fixer-upper villa in the Tuscan countryside. While she goes through her own home editing process, she keeps a journal and writes this inspiring quote that seems rather fitting when talking about home styling:

Pick one room and make it yours. Go slowly through the house. Be polite, introduce yourself so it can introduce itself to you. - Frances Mayer

You may not own a Tuscan villa that's hundreds of years old, but we believe that every home has potential, and every home can be beautifully yours, quirks and all! For some that might mean brightening up your space by knocking down a wall or two to open up a space, or for others that might look like letting your spunky side come out by painting an accent wall bright orange. Home editing isn't about just filling up the space within the confinement of the four walls in a room, it's about letting each corner of a room tell a story about who you are. Place your furniture with a purpose. Work with the larger objects first, then work down to the smaller objects. Let the accessories you already have accentuate and not compete with the larger items. Yes, there might be constant tweaking as seasons change and as you discover your personal flow of style. Overall, you want to feel like its your, home sweet home.

Finishing Touch

After the prioritizing and home editing is completed, and all the larger pieces of furniture have been placed, the last important element to styling your home is to complete the work of art by adding the finishing touches, making sure that the home can stay functional but also stay in its original, excellent, decluttered condition. Many people endure the challenge of maintaining a clean and beautiful home in a day-to-day setting. We believe the finishing touch should make your home look ravishing, but it should also make room for every item to have a home. This could look like using a book shelf to hold and display all of your favorite books, and using the other shelves around it for displaying a few trendy vases, but each item has a home. Clutter likes to sneak in when something is out of place. You can even now decorate your fireplace by neatly stacking some extra firewood and placing it to the side. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference in a room that makes it practically excellent, rather than perfect. Perfection can feel like a never-ending daunting task, but excellence puts in the passion and strategy, and leaves out the stress. It's the finishing touches that can really complete your home and create your own place of excellence. 

Home styling doesn't mean you won't ever move things around in the future. It just means your strategy for daily living has been considered, from where you put your shoes on, to where you go to for all your books. No one likes an unfinished room that they can't function in, but rather it gives a sense of tranquility and rest when the home can be both practical and still have the wow! 

Kristina Owen