Our Top 8 Finishing Touches

When we think of a well finished home, we think of a home where all the elements are neatly balanced, where all four walls compliment each other, and where any whitespace has been beautifully perfused . No one likes an unfinished room. That's why we came up with our top eight finishing touches to help you not only start your design process well, but also finish it well. 


There's something about adding some live greenery as a finishing touch to a home. Either a fiddle leaf fig tree in the corner, or some beautiful arrangements as centerpieces, or even a bright bundle of foliage in the kitchen are some of our favorites! Bring some refreshment into your home in a matter of minutes with just a hint of some fresh greenery to brighten up the space.

2. Textiles

When designing, it's extremely important to have a few different textures to catch your eye. Persian or woven rugs or a classic animal hide can easily make a traditional hardwood look a bit more sophisticated. Baskets and window treatments can give that cozy touch to the bare minimum. 

3. Reflection

Have that one wall that doesn't get a whole lotta light? Mirrors are not just for bathrooms! Mirrors not only reflect the beauty that faces them, but are also a great way to brighten up a wall that may not get as much light, and can reflect the natural light coming from any direction. 

4. Luminary

Everyone loves a home with great lighting, whether its with natural light during the day, or a perfectly lit corner for a reading nook! Let's just say, lighting is the most important element to a space, (any good photographer could tell you that)! Whether it's by installing a couple pendants over your kitchen island, angling a lamp over an accent chair, or adding a couple votives near bedside, any kind of additional luminary will not only brighten a space, but can add that simple metallic elegance.

5. Solace

Find your solace when you first walk through the door as you breathe in that sweet smell of home every day. Every home needs an area where you can sit down and take off your shoes after a long productive day. A cozy blanket or some throw pillows can make a plain bench or chair look inviting and can easily add that finishing touch from simple to splendor.

6. Novelty

Just like books, a coffee table can tell a lot about a person. To show off your favorite entry or coffee table, stack a few interesting books that reveal a bit about some of your interests, and pair it with some fresh flowers and some vases or votives to balance all the elements. Adding these few simple touches can easily bring enthusiasm to any space.

7. Illustration

Adding some framed artwork to your blank-canvas walls will help the room feel complete from top to bottom. Any whitespace is a great opportunity to bring some fun into the picture! Art work can bring out contrast and color to any room, turning any house into a warm inviting home.

8. Dimension

Sometimes it's the little things! Designating an area for small objects can actually create quite the impression if it's well balanced. You can bring a lot of dimension to a space by adding some vases or amphoras of different heights, as well as smaller picture frames and then leveling the two with a decorative bowl.

These are just a few of our favorite finishing touches! How do you like to add a finished look to your home?

Kristina OwenComment