Pillow Heaven

Lately I’ve had a soft spot for pillows. As I am months away from tying the knot, I have found myself in a major nesting stage. As an Interior Designer I can't help myself and have started on making some major updates to my fiancé's house. On this home-making journey, I have found that pillow selections have been my favorite part of this refresh of the first house we will share together.

If you ask my fiancé, he would tell you that I’ve gone through about fifteen pillows just to get the right look for his sofa. During my pillow hunting, I have kept an eye out for some specific patterns and color combinations that are just starting to become more popular. Here are some of the pillows that I would love to see more of!



A simple thick or thin striped pillows look great in just about any color! They're also great for any style of a home: country, chic, modern, you name it! Pairing Stripes, solids and florals can be so fun!



Plaid is making a new comeback, and it's bleeding onto pillows! If you're wanting to add a touch of country or wanting to gear towards a more co-ed style, I definitely recommend a big and bold plaid! Pairing a thick plaid with a thin striped pillow can be great if your man of the house is looking for his style to come out in the house as well!


Jewel Tones

Emerald, topaz and fuchsia are some great essentials for that luxe dream room you’ve always wanted! Jewel tones paired with stripes or pastels can give that luxurious feel!



Florals | Greenery

I'm not talking about old-fashioned country flowers, I'm talking about some beautiful watercolor floral or even some tropical leafy green pillows for all the island girls out there! Floral or leafy pillows are perfect for the boho chic, modern and country styles! Pair a floral with some stripes, or bright jewel tone to make a statement!



If you're looking for the perfect modern feel that could go both feminine and masculine, you would love the simple geometric! Hexagons, squares, diamonds and triangles are a few of my favorites! I love pairing geometric pillows with different patterns for a simple yet interesting look!

What are some pillow trends you're loving? Comment below!

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