Guide to Child Proof Interior Design

Having young children in your home is more like having a tornado rip through your halls moments after cleaning up from the last disaster. While they bring great joy to life, having little ones in the preschool years can cause your home to be a less than great version of itself.  As my personal journey through motherhood has also been less than perfect, I have found the key to a put together home (and self for that matter) is acceptance and intentionality. 

child proof home

Two years into this thing and I have finally accepted kids are going to be kids. They make life dirty, busy and a little crazy; but this is why intentionality is necessary to prevent a home from being in a constant state of chaos. Now just because a home is functional does not mean interior design and style must be sacrificed. It is possible to have the best of both worlds; function and beauty!

Here is our guide to child proof interior design.


As with organizing any space, it is necessary to ensure that every toy, clothing item, nicknack, etc. has a home. Instead of defaulting to plastic bins, first take a look at the fresh raw wood baskets from Target or the plethora of baskets at HomeGoods. There are many attractive bins and baskets out there, they are practical while still adding a layer to the design of a space. You'll find when everything has a place, clean up becomes effortless and much easier to stay on top of.

Also, take advantage of the practicality of trays! Not only do they add dimension to a table or countertop, but they can be an easy way to collect and style a few styled items. However, the most practical part about them, you can also easily move them when a table needs to be used for home, arts and crafts or baking. How often does that happen in a day? More times than I'm sure all of us can count; but that's the beauty of them it's no problem moving one tray instead of a bunch of stand alone home accessories.


Consider the material, fabric and texture of the surfaces you select. While a stark white sofa may be beautiful this is simply not the season in your life to invest in such perfection. Consider leather, microfiber or slip covers for your sofa's, chairs, and ottomans. Leather is durable, microfiber is known for it's ability to clean well and slip covers, well you can take them off and wash them! These are all non-negotiable qualities that are needed for a child proof home. 

child proof design



For your tables, whether it may be coffee tables, kitchen tables, buffet's or end tables avoid glass and mirrored tables. Why, might you ask, one word... Fingerprints! I know one day we will all miss those little fingerprints, but let's limit them to just the stainless steal dishwasher, sliding glass windows and full length wall mirrors. Instead select materials like wood or ceramic, these surfaces are easy to clean and keep clean.  


No matter the size of your house, create a space that is their own. A space that is designated for their fun, their creativity and even their messes. My family and I live in a very small craftsman home, and having a play area or even a basket of toys in our living room has never really been an option for us. We tried it and it only added clutter and took up useable/valuable space. A solution for those of you in the same position as us, allow their room to be their space but then have a portable basket that comes in and out of their room with only selected toys each day. Somehow this brings 

We would love to hear from you! How are you intentional designing your home with littles running around?

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