Interior Design: The Art of Layers

"Less is more" is not necessarily true; especially when it comes to Interior Design. I must say I am guilty of conforming to the less is more mentality in most areas in my life. I like organization. I dislike clutter. And I would rather have an empty space, than a space filled with items I don't LOVE. 

With all this being said, in my journey of becoming an Interior Designer I have found that I don't necessarily believe that less is more when it comes to designing a space. 

Interior Design is all about layers. You layer patterns, materials, fabrics, furniture and accessories. When we approach designing, (lets say for example sake) a family room; we obviously choose seating, a coffee table, media console, and side or end tables and lamps. Then beyond that, everything else that is added simply consists of layering on top of those basic pieces and then layering on top of those accessories.

Photo & Design by  Studio McGee

Photo & Design by Studio McGee

When a sofa, coffee table, and a few lamps are left alone it can feel empty, incomplete, cold and bland. However, layer a handful of pillows with different patterns, materials, and a textured throw, and suddenly the space begins to feel warm and inviting. Furthermore, add a tray on the coffee table with a metal bowl, glass vase and small piece of greenery and now you've taken your space to the next level. 

Now let's say you really want to have fun! Your oversized jute rug is beautiful to begin with but let's bring the space even more current by layering an additional cowhide rug on top.

Yes, I've listed a lot of items but when each item is balancing the next one out, it is possible to layer your space with out making it feel cluttered or confused.

Layering is the beauty of Interior Design.

As you layer and counteract each item, you bring character, dimension, and completion to your space. 

Let us know if you have any questions on this subject we'd love to make sure we feature more tips and tricks you're looking for!

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