Joining the Sea of Interior Design

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If you've been a follower of our blog since the beginning, you've read our introductions and know who we are. However, we'd like to give you a peak into why we are here and why we've chosen to step into the sea of Interior Designers at this point in time.

As a married woman who has a young child while already working part time outside of the home, it may have sounded crazy for me to add joining in the journey of launching a new business to the mix. However, when Kristina approached me with this idea there was no concern or hesitation for me. My schedule may have already been overloaded but I knew walking alongside Kristina was the right choice. 

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As our friendship had grown the year prior to me hopping on board the Interior Design train, I knew Kristina and I had some of the same core values. With that knowledge I knew at the end of the day no matter what would happen with the business, those core values would protect each other, our families and our business. 

When saying yes to Kristina, I had also been exploring the option of trying to start my own thing with Home Styling and Interior design. In the past I had tried to start blogs and other businesses but I always new that I was missing something, a partner! Someone to keep me on track, someone to bounce ideas off of, someone share the excitement and struggles with. Here in front of me was Kristina, everything I'd been looking for in a business partner. She had already done some of the dirty work of getting the business going and I was here to work with her and together we were ready to take it to the next level.

Now that I had found a business partner who lined up with my core values that final piece of the puzzle was Interior Design. I had been looking for an outlet, something creative, something flexible and something fulfilling. With that criteria you'd think it could be anything in the creative world, right? I guess it could have, but I don't believe it would have been right for me for the long haul.  As I have experienced this past year professionally in Interior Design I have discovered my love, passion and gift for Interior Design has been something planted in me long ago and over my professional and personal journey the last 15 years I have discovered this was it all along.

Joining the sea of Interior Design with Kristina has been an incredible experience! We are excited to continue to make Interior Design approachable for those who have always been intimidated, afraid or overwhelmed by process and industry.

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