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Hodson House Mood Board, design by KM Design

Hodson House Mood Board, design by KM Design

If you read Maci's blog from last week called, "10 Spring Decor Items Under $100" then you know we've caught the spring cleaning bug!

Here in Sacramento we've been really experiencing those April showers. I don't know about you, but when the skies remain gray for days, I'm at my spring cleaning prime. I find myself just thinking about my next revamp once those rays of sunshine come beaming through my windows!

As the spring cleaning bug has been going around, I've had a few of you needing a home refresh reach out and inquire about our online E-Design package; specifically asking what it is and how it works. As it is a newer concept, I wanted to communicate some of the benefits of home designing online as opposed to a Full Service in-home design. My hope is that this helps ease the thought of a design process, as well as ease the thought about hiring a designer in today's day and age. 

Allow me to answer some of your questions!

1. Why E-Design?

I'd like to start with the WHY because I believe that people don't care what you do until they know WHY you do it. As you probably know, we live in a virtual world where people have access to their virtual friends, virtual messaging, virtual dating and so on. As a couple millennial entrepreneurs who represent KM Design Company, we make give our best efforts to meet people where they are at, and become a solution that's personable, accessible, and approachable.

In a world that often runs virtually, we figured why not virtual designing? E-Design works anywhere at any time that doesn't require in-person visitation or meetings. Whether you're out in the country or living in the suburbs, working together with a designer online can be a great solution whether you're wanting a quick refresh to your home, or if you would like a full home design where you might have an incredibly busy schedule, or live out of the city.

2. Who is it for?

Bringing in a designer can sometimes seem like its more for the upper class and the thought of hiring a designer can sometimes seem intimidating, daunting and expensive. We desire to to bring E-Design to anyone who is needing something a little less overwhelming, and a little more approachable. Honestly, this really narrows it down to just about EVERYONE! Who doesn't want something not only accessible but approachable as well?

The thing I've noticed with design is, every client is going to be in a different stage in the design process. Sometimes they need to get the ball rolling from start to finish, or they just need a gentle push and hand holding through the process. Either way we live in a DIY culture that likes to do it themselves, but often people do need some sort of guidance or help with carrying the project all the way to completion. Whether it's the suburbs of Sacramento or Beverly Hills, E-Design can meet you wherever you are.

3. What is E-Design?

Since I'm obsessed definitions and look up just about everything, Elle T. Interior Design defines E-design as simply this:

"E-Design is a simple, virtual design option offered to give clients the opportunity to create a custom room without retaining an interior designer for full service Interior Design. All communication is done via E-mail to provide a step by step plan for creating a professional designed space that perfectly meets your individual style, space, and budget."

Thanks Elle, I couldn't have said it better myself!

E-Design can allow communication to easily flow back and forth between the designer and client and allows both sides to work together on the space. This sort of process can be great for clients who want to go at their own pace, and also for those who would like a quick refresh, instead of a more lengthy project. What I love about E-Design is that it can be a win-win for both the designer and the client, where the designer doesn't need to charge for installations and store-to-store shopping, but can charge the client less and still give an excellent quality based service!

Some may be concerned that E-Design could appear to be only half designing, and might not give the service to the fullest given the possibility that the designer might never step foot into the home, but I remind all my E-Design clients that every design always consists of the same processes, just without installation.

The process will begin with a Questionnaire to get to know the details of the space before even talking about pricing, styles, measurements, or concepts. Then we can move forward with a virtual consultation over the phone or video chat to discuss the details such as budget, general style, etcetera, so that both parties can take their next step to partner together in making the client's house their dream home. Once the consultation goes smoothly, the designer then puts together a furniture room layout and a mood board that will be a mapped out presentation of all the individual items such as furniture, art, fabrics, hardware, accessories, etc. based on the style, measurements, and needs of the space. With a mood board, the client can still feel peek in the window to see what the designer is up to, allowing the designer to still have their creative freedom and make tweaks if necessary. Once the client approves of the individual items, the client will pay the designer for the items and for the billable hours upon agreement, and the designer will then proceed with making the purchase order for the client, and have all the items shipped to the clients house. The client will already have the map of the room layout so that they know where all the individual pieces go. This allows the client to feel like they have helped in the process and can make the type of homey touches they like as well. 

Every client we've had with E-Design loves that they get to have their hand in the process too, no matter what their space needed, and I don't blame them! If you have any questions on E-Design, let us know! I promise we don't bite :)



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