4 Ways to Incorporate Leather into Your Design

Designing your home with an opinionated husband doesn't have to be a chore! I know there are women out there who, like me, have a husband who is either really creative and enjoys Interior Design or maybe the even more popular case, their husbands simply feel strongly about a space not feeling feminine where comfort and practicality are a must.

Now ladies, hear me out. Opinions, comfort and masculinity do not have to be the death of your creativity and beautiful home.

If you follow our Insta Feed you saw my post the other day about adding soft and light touches to balance to warm leather couches. The ability to balance two styles, two goals and two opinions is something we feel passionate about, so we thought we'd expand a bit on the subject. One of the most common materials men are drawn to is leather. So we thought we'd give your 4 ways to incorporate leather into your design.

1. Leather Pillows

Photo by srta-pepis.tumblr.com

Photo by srta-pepis.tumblr.com

Pillows are always a great way to a touch of leather without having to fully invest in a piece of leather furniture. It can can add a bit of masculinity to a soft and light space.

2. Leather Couch

Design by  Studio McGee

Design by Studio McGee

Like I said in my insta post just because you have a warm or dark leather couch does not mean the space has to feel dark, masculine or cold. Balance it with a light, bright walls, white accent furniture and natural woods and it your space will feel luxurious and inviting.

3. Leather Ottomans

Like pillows ottomans give that subtle touch of leather without making the full commitment to leather. As you see above, these leather ottomans bring character and dimension to this space.

4. Leather Dining Chairs

Design by  Veneer Designs

Design by Veneer Designs

Finally, leather dining chairs are a great way to make a masculine statement. However with brass accents, a touch of greenery and bright white clean walls, the space can feel balanced.

What are some ways you like to bring a touch of masculinity into your space?

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