Pillows That Will Make You Swoon

Every time we have guests come over to our house my (new) husband loves to point out all of the new pillows that have been added to our collection. He can't imagine why we have so many, when still, I have managed to downsize and spread them out throughout each room in the house. "I just love them all", as I attempt to convince him that we need every single one of them. It's no secret that my husband has inspired me in pursuing design, as I talk about him in nearly almost every blog I write, but he has especially inspired me to write this one! So here I am, sharing with you my top favorite pillows that I'm currently swooning over!

**Disclaimer: But wait, there's more! Find out how you can purchase my most current and FAVORITE pillow thus far at the bottom!!

P R E T T Y  P A T T E R N S

I don't usually have these three displayed together (as I mentioned they are now spread throughout the house), but these three patterns have remained in our home. Whether it's a cool striped, or diamond-shaped or a continuous pattern throughout, chances are, I will love it and might add it to our collection (shhh, don't tell my husband). You can find these pillows at HomeGoods or Marshalls!


T R A N Q U I L  T E X T U R E S


These three rectangular chic pillows could pretty much be displayed on their own because they are so self sufficient in terms of making a statement. With some shaggy tassles, tie-die or macrame, these three amigas are the epitome of boho chic, a sassy yet classy addition to any space that's needing some elegance. You can purchase these pillows at places like HomeGoods or Target


F O R E V E R  F L O R A L S 

This pink and indigo watercolor pillow is my the newest and most admired addition to my pillow collection. Thanks to the Etsy pillow shop called Parlor & Pine, you can click here to receive a 15% discount if you enter in the promo code KMDESIGN15. Floral prints have a special place in my heart, but this one I am willing to share! 

Whether it's patterns, solids, textured, or florals, what pillows are you currently swooning over? 

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