Mixed Metals 101

When done right, mixed metals can significantly elevate any space. As we often talk about mixing patterns, woods, textures and styles, the same goes for metals. It adds character, purpose and effortless style to your design. Sticking with the same metals you'll find your space feeling stock, cold or matchy-matchy. Playing with the different colors, textures and finishes in metals can bring your space to life.

Here are few tips to consider when going down the mixed metals path.

1. Start with a primary metal. 

This metal will be your base metal in which you will balance all other metals off of and make decisions from. If you're wanting a space to feel elegant you'll want to go with something like a polished nickel. From there you'll want to balance that finish with something that has a less polished look like a raw black metal or brass. 

2. Don't let it scream mixed metal.

As with any fashion trend you never want to be dressed head to toe in trendy items. Same goes with mixed metals. Balance a trendier metal such as brass or gold with a more timeless metal like stainless steal.

3. Black metal is always a good choice.

Just like a little black dress, black metal is a neutral, you can dress it up or down and it goes with everything. Black metal can easily balance a more formal metal by allowing it's texture and effortless qualities to make a space still feel approachable and comfortable.

4. Stick to 2-3 metals.

Each space you design should have no more than 2-3 metals. Going beyond that can make a space feel confused and not eclectic chic. If you're being purposeful with your metal selections you can always find the look you're going for with in 2-3 metals. 

How do you feel about mixed metals? Do you love them? Does it overwhelm you? Let us know in the comments below!

Maci KauffmanComment