Getting to Know You: Meet Anna!

Something's brewing up here, and it's not just a cup of coffee! We’ve got some new and exciting news to share with you about our little business. To give a background of our culture over here at KM, we do everything with continuous creativity and connection. When I started this company three years ago, not only had I dreamt of designing homes to inspire people, but I also hoped of having a team where we could build a dream together to touch the lives of others.

Maci was the first to join the fun of KM Design Company. After a year of collaborating and teaming up together, we now maintain the culture of KM Design company through constant encouragement and tons of (probably over) communication.  As we continued to grow our client base and social following we recently had Anna, a student in the design program at American River College, reach out and inquire about the possibility of joining the team as an intern. We met up over coffee and shared about our passion for creativity, entrepreneurship and of course, Jesus! Needless to say, she inspired us to begin our first internship. So we thought we’d put her on the spotlight and ask her some fun questions! Check out this gal!

Hi, I'm Anna!


What do you like to do on a free Saturday?

When I have Saturdays off I'm usually around my friends;whether that includes grabbing something to eat, a day trip or heading downtown to check out local shops and the farmers market. Just really anything to get out of the house! However, I always like to put an hour or two away for myself by going to a local coffee shop to journal and recap on my week.

What inspires you to pursue interior design?

Oh jeez, I'll try to keep this condensed! What inspired me to pursue design was merely the thought that the environment you grow up in is a huge part of your upbringing. I don't want to just design a "cookie cutter" house, I want to be a part of creating a lasting and loving home. One that inspires light and positivity because to see a clients eyes light up with endless thoughts of their future in their dream house, I think that'll be the most rewarding.

What is some advice that you would give to your younger self?

Speaking to solely myself, "you're not going to have everything in your life figured out by your 20's which is OKAY, but don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Latch onto anything that inspires you and just roll with it! "

What are 5 words that best describe you?

I had to ask some people on this one! Five words to describe me: Genuine, Creative, Selfless, Witty and definitely Easy Going.

What are you currently obsessing over?

I'm always obsessing over music and photography. I'm constantly on the hunt for new artists in both fields! Favorite photographers: Joe Greer & Kelly Victoria Current bands I have on repeat: Big Words, Mac Demarco and Whitney

Love, Anna


PS. We love Anna and we knew  you would too! See more of Anna, Kristina and Maci on our Instagram @kmdesignco!

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