Household Essentials that Won't Cramp Your Style

Essentials are well, essential. But does that mean you have to compromise the aesthetic of your home? Not at all! Home essentials are those items that you use every day in regular household activities, like pulling out the salt and pepper as you prepare dinner or the coster you grab to place on your drink on your coffee table. These are items you'll see out and in use, every day, so instead of just selecting these items solely for their functional purpose, consider how the item will add to your home's style.

With just a bit of patience to search for the perfect essentials and maybe a bit more of an investment, you can continue a cohesive look for your home.

Here are some of our favorite essentials that won't cramp your home's style.

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1. Salt and pepper are not only used every day but multiple times a day. This means their going to spend a lot of time on your counter if not all the time on your counter. Choose salt and pepper dishes as cute as these from Mcgee & Co.

2. A bathroom trash can is out all the time and you see a lot throughout the day. It's already a dirty item so make it a little easier on the eyes with a basket like this one from McGree & Co.

3. Typically costers have a bit of style to them but don't just choose the first ones you see at Bed Bath and Beyond. Invest a little more money in good quality costers with style like these from William Sonoma.

4. In almost every home I walk into there is a utensil holder that sits on the kitchen counter because as you're cooking you want to be able to quickly and easily grab each necessary utensil. This utensil holder from AllModern is big enough to be practical but clean and simple. 

5. Essential oils are becoming more and more mainstream. While I LOVE defusing oils I'm not always a fan of my diffuser looking like a diffuser. This one from Hayneedle looks like a decorative home accessory.

6. A lot of soap bottles out there are actually pretty adorably packaged but maybe consider investing in an actual soap dispenser like this one from McGee & Co.

7. A great way to corral your kitchen sponges or scrub brushes is in a small dish. I love using a ceramic berry basket like this one from Crate and Barrel.

8. Now, this tiered dish from Wayfair, I'm about to snag right away for myself! This is great to place on your nightstand to collect your daily jewelry or on your entry console table for keys. 

9. Finally, I don't know about you, but we have 4 remotes for our all of our family room media. I hate leaving them out but we use them daily. The best solution is to use a small box like this one from Birch Lane to easily store your remotes.

Where have you found some of your favorite household essentials? Comment below!

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