I Can Hear The Bells: Wedding Registry Tips + Ideas

Creating a registry can be one of the most fun and meaningful part of wedding planning. There’s also so much to think about when creating a registry, so here are some registry ideas and some tips that helped me choose those future necessities when Zac and I got married!

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Take note of your man’s patterns and what he tends to like since he will be using it too! Does he tend to like simple but you love color? How about getting the basics in neutral colors but having pops of color on the dinner napkins? Do you both love to host? You might want an extra set of dishes. 



If you love it now, will you still love it in 10 years? One thing that helps me make a long term decision is this: does this spark joy when I look at it? If it does, chances are it will most likely stick with you down the road. If you can, I recommend not rushing through while choosing your registry, your household items will be your everyday friends :)


Think FUN

Yes you’ll definitely need those oven mitts and baking sheets along with other kitchen essentials, but have a little fun! How about that bath tub tray you’ve wanted for so long?! How about a honeymoon fund? 


Think BIG

You’ve got the small essentials down, but don’t forget that people love to spoil you on your BIG day! Need a new vacuum for the new home? How about rugs or furniture? Don’t be afraid to let people know what you’re needing as a newlywed. This is where community can begin to come alongside you and your spouse.



I have a few thoughts here. First, don’t over think it! A registry is supposed to be a gift to both of you containing things that you need and like. Second, don't overload yourself by having registries at 4 different stores. Pick one or two stores that both you and your man love (or can agree on) and shop away! And third, don't think you need to get everything right now, sometimes you don't have much time to create a registry and that's ok. Remember, you have the rest of your lives to build your new home together :)



If you need recommendations for where to register, I recommend going with Zola, West Elm, or Anthropologie

If you've already gone through the registry process, what is one thing you would change and what is one thing you wouldn't change? 


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