Myths About Hiring an Interior Designer



Have you ever watched a show on HGTV and thought, "I wish I could hire an interior designer..." but immediately shied away from that thought because you worry that either it will cost too much, or you think you can simply do it yourself for cheaper, or maybe you thought hiring an interior designer is simply out of your league or budget?

I hear ya! These are some of the concerns I've heard when it comes to considering the services of an interior designer. Perhaps depending on who you would choose, some of these fears may be justified, but if you find the right designer for you and your home, I believe working with a professional can actually be very rewarding, stress relieving, and can lead to amazing results!

For the last 5 years, KM Design Company has been turning houses into beautiful homes and has proven that many of these misconceptions about hiring interior designers can be a little exaggerated or simply false. From commonly asked questions and from personal research, here are some common myths behind hiring an interior designer... 


1. I can't afford an interior designer

There is a misconception that hiring an interior designer is for celebrities or those who win the lottery... basically those with an unlimited budget. When in reality, a good designer can actually help you avoid costly mistakes and can be down to earth and approachable. No matter the size of your budget or your home, you can at least consult an interior designer on how to enhance your space (no matter the size) and work with the furniture you already have, (but be specific...If you only want light styling, don't tell the designer you want new furniture)! Even one hour with a designer can be well worth it! My advice would be to know your budget and stick to it! If you're willing to budge then great! A designer will be able to help you determine what's realistic and feasible. They can also give you suggestions and open you to a world of options you never knew! Don't be fooled though, interior designers don't start at $20 hour, but can charge anywhere from $75-$300 per hour depending on experience or their market. If all you can afford is 1 hour with a designer, make sure you ask for any tips they have to offer so that your time with them is of value and not misspent! In the end, you can take joy knowing you invested in a designer, since our jobs are geared more towards customer service than selling product. 


2. I can do it myself, quickly and cheaply

Well of course interior design (of a sort) can be done quickly and cheaply but not if it is to be done well and to stand the test of time. - M&Y Interiors

Let's face it, this is a DIY time in history. There are articles, magazines and television shows that show decor tricks and tips to save you money. Here's what I know that lasts... quality, quality, quality! Yes, inexpensive furniture can make your budget go farther, but without strategic planning to go with the decor, inexpensive furniture can tend to look cheap. Hiring a designer can actually give you a bigger bang for your buck with quality and can actually save you from the hassle of shopping, returning things, and money. On the contrary, the purpose of hiring a designer should never be to get it done quick and cheap, since you are paying for a service. Interior design professionals have done their research to understand aesthetics, space planning, color theory and do more than make your house look pretty by staging your rooms. To say the least, interior design is a mixture of art and science, and cannot accomplish beauty and longevity without the integration of both. With that said, for the quality and future investment of your home, property, and even your wallet, it may be worth seeking a professional.  


3. Interior Designers are all about trends, not practicality

Some people may believe that interior designers are not in touch with the reality of a family home, and are just looking to create another 'model home' that you won't want to mess up. On the contrary, interior designers work hard to bring elements of practicality and style into your home. Just remember, designers are taught to be problem-solvers first and stylists second. Besides, designers more than anyone, know that trends can be in style today, and can become "so last year" really quick! A good designer will give you a timeless look that will stay fresh for years. Great style does have longevity, but talented designers will show you some styling options you may not have previously considered. Designing is also about the types of materials that will be the most benefit you! I always recommend fabrics that are washable, kid/pet-friendly, and that are designed to withstand every day life... even with an all-white color scheme! There's so much more to an interior designer's job than choosing patterns and colors. They are meant to be the most practical solution to every home owner and family, no matter the size, shape or style of the home. 


4. I will lose control

This is a big one for many people. Remember, the goal of every interior designer to is to capture the essence of the client’s tastes and lifestyle and translate them into a beautiful, cohesive, and functional space. A good designer wants your home to enrich your daily life. In order to get there, the designer needs an in-depth assessment of your likes and dislikes, entertaining habits, work habits, storage needs, and color preferences in order to better understand your personal style. With that said, your interior designer won't just make decisions without you being involved, you have the final say! An interior designer can adapt to your styles, but they can’t read your mind. This is why consultations are so important, because it is all about your preferred style and design needs. Some people may even feel like they are 'sucked into' agreeing with the designer and can lead into having resentment later, because they did not speak up. Just remember, a designer is taking your vision into account and can only know what you are telling them. They also may provide solutions that may cost you a little extra, but you hired them because you wanted tips, right? Again, you can say no, it's okay! If you communicate clearly up front, you remain in control. If you feel they are misunderstanding you or your vision, providing solutions can help clarify and ensure that you are both on the same page. 


5. I don't have the budget to do it all at once, so why bother with a plan? 

This one may not seem as common, but I often recognize the overwhelmed look on my clients faces when I give them the overall plan and budget before designing their home. Then I tell them, "Baby steps!" The whole point of establishing a plan is to achieve the overall desired result. When it comes to interior design, a conceptualized plan will help you reach your goal in an efficient manner. Just like when preparing for a marathon, or if you have a certain weight as your goal, you need to know which baby steps you need to take in order to get there. It's the same when it comes to having your house beautifully and practically designed for your lifestyle! If your budget does not allow for the completion of a space, kindly let your designer know, and your designer will be able to direct you in the selection of the basics to build upon as your budget allows. Trust me, a well-designed plan will still allow for changes and accommodations along the way but still get you to your house goals and keep you on track!

I hope this article finds you feeling empowered and at ease if you have ever considered hiring an interior designer. Are you ready to take the next step? Click on the link below to help us get to know you and your home needs a little better! Or still have some questions about hiring a designer? Comment below, I promise we don't bite :) 


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