Trio Lane Abode: The Collective Home


Designing not just the home, but the home life has always been apart of what we do, but this one ignited something in me particularly. Setting up consultations, creating proposals, and curating the detailed mood boards is apart of our every process, and I can tell you first hand, I actually enjoy the journey and not just the destination. The install day is especially exciting, seeing everything come to life, then experiencing the customer coming home for the first time and lighting up in awe. But then we leave, and then seems that we’re “off to the next project”. If I’m being honest, that’s the part I hate, not that I don’t get excited about new design challenges, relationships, and business building… it’s the part I hate that there’s an investment made for months beforehand then I must move onward. It may start as a very much “business transaction”, but by the time the contract is signed, it becomes a working relationship. It’s the relationship with the customer and the home that leaves me wanting to linger a little longer when a project is over. But not only that, it’s what I want to leave behind along with a beautiful home. That’s where our Home+Life comes in! In order to create the ultimate space for our clients, we gotta dig deep and get personal (with their permission of course!)


The Trio Lane Abode project spoke extra dearly to our hearts because of the love this client had for opening her home to be a safe haven for not only herself, but for temporarily fostered pets and people in transition to have a home and family to be apart of. This project was a reminder and proof that every home can be a happy, functional, and safe place for both people and pets, meeting every need and beyond.


Our client, who is a hard-working military lady, always desired a leather sofa; and with two dogs, leather is actually perfect for easy cleaning when that dog hair gets everywhere! Some may be concerned about the leather scratching from claws, but animals typically hate leather on their nails as it can feel like nails on a chalkboard to them! So for our inspiration, the leather sofa from Article was just the piece we had in mind! From there, we brought other pieces in that would create a fun, inviting and relaxing space for all.


Since every customer of ours is important and inspires us when designing their home, we like to also leave a little inspiration behind!

Originally, our client wanted us to only design her living area, but when she saw our plans, she wanted us to redo her bedroom too! Using her current bed and dressers, we assured her that with a new room layout, change of knobs, and some new nightstands and decor would do wonders for her master retreat!


The Trio Lane Abode will always remain close to our hearts, as well as the other projects we’ve done as each one leaves a sort of thumbprint on our business. If you’re wanting to optimize your Home+Life, give us a shout! We’d love to help you any way we can!

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