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With a modern and holistic interpretation of thoughtful and slow living, Kristina's desire is to bring healing and connection through the heart, home & health in everyday living. After 10 years of interior design experience, we are bringing a fresh perspective to simple, slow, and beautiful living through home+life content available to all. Join our home+life community going after learning to thrive in our heart, home & health through our blogs, recipes, holistic health tips, and inspirational photography for everyday home living.

Owner & Founder

Hi I'm Kristina! I am a lover of creation and all things beautiful, everything from the human heart to the human home. I believe our homes are the launching pad from which life begins and thrives. After being an interior designer for the last 10 years, being a wife and a mom of almost 3, I have also gone on my own personal journey of emotional health for the same length of time, and learning how to live from the inside out on a daily practical level. May I present to you, the Home+Life, a personal journey brought to life and now tangible to a community of fellow believers going after holistic living in the heart, home & health. I believe we were created to thrive in our relationships and to live from rest and not for rest. May we all experience connection to our hearts, connection to others and to God while we embark on the journey of healing and learning to thrive from the inside out.

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