July is here and we have been feeling all of the desert vibes lately! This Unrefined Organic look is the doorway to casual relaxation, bringing in that indoor-outdoor feel!

We love the down-to-earth feel with the subtle pops of color and natural-fiber textures. Organic fibers paired with the refined lines create the perfect combination of exotic and retreat-like. It's the place where you'll want to to dig your toes into that hand-knotted wool rug and lounge on all the woven textiles. This almost-Mediterranean-feel with just a hint of luxury will leave you feeling like you're in a permanent vacation home. Heres to the simplicity, quality, and maturity of the unrefined organic look!

Summer is right around the corner and we definitely have the tropical itch with all the sunshine days ahead! This Tropical Retreat is the dream bedroom to inspire relaxation and creativity for anyone needing a getaway!

With the fun pops of color and woven textures, all the textiles at play are definitely eye-catchers, while maintaining a cool and modern down-to-earth feel. The refined edges, abstract shapes, organic fibers, metallic and matte materials, along with exotic foliage are the perfect combination to a light and airy summer retreat. It's an all-natural feeling with just a hint of luxury. To keep it timeless, we keep the color palette neutral with the tans and ivories while adding pops of coral... and then we season it with some simple black touches for class and maturity.

Updated: May 3

It's here! Our 11th Ave Tudor project is ready for viewing and since we get so many questions about the design process, we wanted to share some of the behind the scenes details with you! Let's begin!

Our clients had just moved into their new home in the beautiful Land Park area near downtown Sacramento, and they could not wait to have it feeling like home! What they loved most about this home was its bright and natural lighting along with the contrasting vaulted ceilings that added character to this 1930's Tudor-style home. Their vision was to have a clean and cozy look combining modern and craftsman styles for their living and dining areas. So we came up with a few ideas to create a clean eclectic charm that would incorporate warm earth tones to compliment their natural original floors while also adding to the pop of black accents in the moldings and kitchen tile grout.

For the living room, they selected a comfy but classy sofa in a white (kid friendly) woven fabric, paired with some classic tufted leather chairs to create a conversational feel. They loved the round natural wood coffee table and the woven jute rug to add warmth and we then suggested adding a fun lamp with a rattan accent chair to the corner of the room for additional seating. For the tv, they selected The Frame by Samsung that displays art when the tv is off! We wanted the space to have a natural down-to-earth feel so we incorporated some low maintenance plants and dried florals. We then compiled all of their selections into mood boards for each of the rooms where they would get 2 revisions!

Living Room: Final Revision

For the dining room, we went with an all natural wood table and chairs along with floating shelves to soften the black grouted subway tiles. With solid textures all around, we exchanged the black iron chandelier for a large modern and airy pendant that would make the space feel light and bright and bring overall balance.

Dining Room: Final Revision

The final result of the project came together beautifully and as always, the transformation along with happy clients are the ultimate reward! We hope you enjoy a few of the photos down below and we can't wait to share more behind-the-scenes projects with you! To view the complete album for this project, click here! Until next time, we wish you a warm and happy home+life!

11th Ave Tudor