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Kid's Garden Playhouse Reveal

Updated: 5 days ago

With the warmer months being here, I plan on spending lots of time outside gardening, having picnics, enjoying our new growing baby chicks, and cannon balls in the pool! It's almost been a year since we moved into our new home and one of the main things I couldn't wait to tackle was the outdoor garden play house, and making a space for the kids to feel at home while we are spending our mornings and evenings outside. On those hot sunny days, it's a nice space to get away from the heat, take a break and enjoy a bit of home outside. I love hearing them play in there while I'm doing some gardening, and it's become the perfect addition to our backyard, something we all enjoy.

The space was previously a bright blue pool house used by the previous owners, and so we painted it all white, added a rug for some coziness. I put in their Ikea play kitchen in there, along with some crates filled with baskets to hold the play fruits & vegetables, pots & pans, and threw in their little table and chairs set and a small wooden market stand, making it all feel like a farm-to-table experience. I had a very small budget so many of the items I either brought from our previous home, bought on Facebook Marketplace (chalkboard), or bought brand new like the oval jute rug, this adorable linen banner, some fabric from Joanne's to make the curtains, and the FLISAT doll house shelf from Ikea. Since I have all boys, I also brought in some of their trucks that I tucked away in a basket, so that they could enjoy those as well. For wall decor, I wanted it to feel somewhat school-like with beautiful educational elements like the displayed alphabet flash cards, and hanging vegetable print. You can find more links to the items below!

For being on a budget, it really all came together better than expected!

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