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Liam's Safari Room Reveal

In honor of my son Liam's 3rd birthday this last month I decided to transition his room to a big boy bedroom before his baby brother joins him later this year. I knew that I wanted his room to reflect his personality and what we have spoken over him since before he was born and this room truly reflects his who he is...a leader, wild, courageous, sweet, and bold. There's something about raising your first child and he has inspired me creatively in so many ways, that I couldn't wait to tackle his special space. His name, Liam Jude means "protector and praise", and we always knew he would be our little "Liam the Lion", and he is exactly that... protective, loyal, and fierce.

From the look of his nursery til now, there have been consistent themes I have kept, such as the bolder colors and animal themed... and now I feel it truly reflects the life he brings to our home, bright and full of the future! I have always loved neutral colors, so it appears that it started out that way, and now it just feels fitting to add some brighter colors that match his personality! Below you can see how his nursery started out...


His nursery was so sweet and even he misses it sometimes (mostly his crib!) Once we transitioned him to an actual toddler bed, the transition was easier than expected, except naps became a hit or miss, so I decided to leave a few books out and also a couple toys that don't make a ton of noise since baby brothers room is right next door. Most of his toys are out in the living room as I wanted his room to be a place of rest, refreshment, and a place for stirring creativity and imagination. His most recent toddler room situation was a more rushed process of putting together with the new toddler bed, so I could not wait to tackle the plans I made to complete his room before him and Noah would be sharing a room one day.


His room has become such a haven for him where he loves to play and use his imagination using the setup we made. We got this teepee tent from Amazon, and it has become part decoration, and part a home for all his toys! He LOVES anything animals, cars and building things, so I made it a safari theme with some toy cars around and it all came out together beautifully. His bedding is from H&M, with the bear quilt from Amazon. He loves lions, so his lion stuffed animal is from Anthropologie (currently sold out), and his lion rocker was a gift. I love the olive color curtains from West Elm that he still has, and also his name and date of birth banner that hangs above his bed.

One day both boys will be sharing a room later this year, and I had planned on bringing in some more colors, vibrancy, and life to the room, all while keeping the same rust and olive color scheme and a few other accents. Since I am all about staying on a budget, I will be using a lot of furniture and accessories we already have, while adding a few special touches! Even though I made a mood board for the boys room for when they are conjoined, I decided to go ahead and make the changes to Liam's room before Noah's crib gets added to the room.


April was a month full of preparation and arranging, and I am so thrilled with how everything has come together! I decided to use the same Ikea toddler bed, dresser and knobs, accent chair, and curtains. It's amazing to see how little changes can really make a big impact, like changing out the rug, accessories and some personalized items and I couldn't be happier with the result!


If you're wanting to see how the process typically starts for my design plans, check out my mood board below for Liam's room and you can click HERE to shop the links!

I can't tell you how good and accomplished it feels so good to walk down the hall and seeing his room, and even more so, seeing him so happy living in it! This is the home+life I want him to remember, not just that he has a beautiful space, but a space that is conducive to his lifestyle and who he is! I hope you enjoyed Liam's room reveal! Stay tuned for more details from our home for your inspiration! Next up, we will be sharing baby brother's room and even more!

Are you someone who has the vision but has trouble putting all the ideas together and need someone to guide you in the process? We would love to help you get started and send you off feeling equipped and ready to tackle any room in your home! You can sign up HERE to book an e-design consultation with us!

In the meantime, we wish you a very happy home+life!

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