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Your Summer Bucket List: 20 Inspiring Ideas

Photograph by Emma Myburgh Photography

This is for those who already love summer as well as those who need some help enjoying the extra hot days if you don't have access to a pool or lake nearby. For many years I have always viewed summer as the time to enjoy family vacations and beach or lake days, and although I haven't given those up completely, having a family has encouraged me to find joy in the warmer days even when I am spending time indoors with napping little ones. Meanwhile, balancing outdoor activities with indoor moments has become a new focus, allowing me to cherish summer with a little bit of variety.

Below is my summer bucket list for you to check out, offering ideas for activities to consider adding to your summer plans. You may already be doing some of these, but my hope is that it will inspire a new and creative way of living that will spark joy this summer!

  1. Host A Midsummer Garden Party

The Swedish celebrate the summer solstice by celebrating the longest day of the year by sharing a classic garden meal with their friends and family, while making flower crowns and spending the evening dancing. Whether you have a garden or not, there's nothing better than enjoying a garden atmosphere, eating fresh foods with the ones you love!

2. Eat like a Mediterranean

Ditch the processed foods and find ingredients in your fridge and pantry that are whole foods based and nutrient dense! The Mediterraneans eat from the earth to support their heart health and we can definitely benefit from it! Eating fish, lean meats, grains, greens, fruits, veggies and nuts will have you feeling refreshed and energized for the days ahead! Pinterest is a great place to find Mediterranean meals that are quick and easy to make.

3. Make homemade popsicles

Try the no-bake summer treats this summer and homemade popsicles are easy and fun especially with little ones. My favorite are easy piña colada popsicles made with coconut milk, pineapple and pure organic maple syrup, but you can find many recipes on Pinterest!

4. Camp in your backyard

Whether you plan on camping or not this summer, setting up your tent in your backyard creates instantaneous moments with your family that will turn into core memories for a lifetime!

5. Surprise your neighbors with a meal

Whether you have neighbors that just had a baby, are going through a tough time, or are simply a bit harder to catch on the way out, it's so fun to surprise people with a meal to bless them just because. Simple thoughtfulness goes a long way.

6. Build a summer capsule wardrobe

Feel confident and comfortable this summer by refreshing your wardrobe and compiling pieces that are versatile, simple and breathable. I like linen outfits for social gatherings and high-rise bike shorts with a crop top with a baseball cap for the more sporty and outdoor days. If you need some inspiration, start a board on Pinterest!

7. Summer-Up Your Space

Time to let your plants get the spot light for a season! I like to wash and stow away the heavy blankets and winter textures, while I turn my focus towards airiness, a lighter feel and vibrancy inside my home. If you like to add pops of color, this is the perfect time to splash color throughout your home with your throw pillows, rugs, artwork and outdoor spaces.

8. Host a paint night

Invite your family or friends over and spend an evening painting canvases over some wine or cocktails (or mocktails) of your choosing! All you need is some paint in cups, brushes, newspaper and dollar-store canvases or you can buy them bulk on Amazon! You can do a "bad art" night to extinguish any insecurity and make it more about having fun than making it good. Enjoy the process while connecting with your loved ones and when you're finished, you can gift them to each other.

9. Pick up sourdough making

Make it a point to never buy bread again! Making sourdough is easier than it looks and can be picked up by anyone wanting to learn in the kitchen! After a couple tries you'll be able to expand your sourdough skills into making all kinds of things that require flour, like making desserts, pies, tortillas, pasta, and so much more! All you need is the starter! Pinterest has amazing sourdough starter recipes that you can try! All you need is a scale, measuring cups, flour and sourdough starter. You can either buy it from someone local like I did, or you can make it, which might take you all summer.

10. Plant herbs in pots

It will make it much easier and inspiring to eat healthy if you have herbs to harvest yourself. There's nothing like eating from your garden, but if you don't have the space, a few pots of herbs will definitely spark joy!

11. Make a wildflower bouquet

You don't need to live in the forest or countryside to pick flowers to make a bouquet. Even certain weeds that look like wheat grasses can make some of the most beautiful arrangements that bring the outdoor feel inside. Grass and flower picking reminds us of the beauty surrounding us, no matter the area we live in!

12. Go on a summer date

Whether you set up a picnic at the park, at the lake or setup an outdoor dinner, make it intentional for just the two of you to connect out of the norm.

13. Make goodie bags for the homeless

The Dollar Store has most things a person needs from food to toiletries and even some other goodies. Connecting with the people outside our circle and putting ourselves in someone else's shoes can remind us to live generously and stay in touch with the basic needs of humanity. We can include our children in the process of making the goodie bags and have them ready to hand out from the car or at the park.

14. Show up to a park with extra snacks & drinks to share

Every time I bring food to the park for my kids, other nearby children will often flock to us with hungry eyes and I often don't have enough to share considering the bottom-less little bellies I brought with me. Just imagine how a little gesture can go a long way at a public place that can spark meaningful conversation, connection and community!

15. Set Up A Reading Corner

Summers can often be fast-paced with all the social plans and hype. It can be easy to race through and forget to slow down to enjoy the quieter moments by sitting down and enjoying a good book. Setting up a reading corner can be a daily reminder to carve out time to make space for your mind to put down it's to-do list and nestle into getting lost in a whole new world with your nose in a book. The genre can be up to you, but I encourage something that isn't always self-help.

16. Go for an early morning walk

Set your circadian rhythm and energy for the day by getting 30 minutes of the morning sunlight into your eyes, preferably without your phone. Smelling the fresh crisp air and getting movement before the heat of the day is always my favorite part!

17. Learn to make a cheese board

Food is the best way to celebrate and the easiest one too! Let out your inner chef and creative all at once and perfect your charcuterie skills with all of your favorite things to eat...and then share it with your favorite people! Fruits, veggies, meats, nuts and multiple cheeses... you can't go wrong!

18. Make a summer playlist

Is there anything more fun than grooving to your favorite tunes? Put a little more "umph" into your step, laundry folding or salad making with your summer playlist! My favorites are Spanish Guitar, Tropical House, or Island or Hawaiian Beats, whichever I'm in the mood for!

19. Evaluate your 2024 goals

How are your goals for 2024 going? Another great way to slow down is to sit down and see how far you've come, what you've learned and also take inventory of where your time has gone. Prioritize the important, be kind to yourself, and keep moving forward!

20. Start a joy journal

A different approach to cultivating gratitude can be done in this activity... begin writing (or drawing) about the things that bring you joy! Gratitude will naturally follow. From catching bugs with your little ones, to harvesting carrots, to canon-balling into a cool pool on a hot summer day... focusing on the things that bring us joy will remind us to keep creating a life we love with who we love.

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