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20 Ways to Organize Your Home + Life

This month I have been tackling the topic of organization, something I personally love. When both my home and my life are organized, it helps me focus on my family and other priorities in my life. It also frees up my time and capacity to be more and do more. Plus, it's a fun and easy way to release unnecessary stress, whether it's organizing my closet, or my whole week! Everyone has a different level of preference when it comes to organizing, but in the end, it's whatever works for you! The main goal is to have everything placed in an easy-to-find manner, where there isn't much excess other than what is needed, bringing focus and intentionality. Organizing doesn't have to be overwhelming, but can be attainable and fun by taking one area at a time. Let's look at 20 ways to get organized in both your home and your life!

Home Organizing Tips

1. Use storage bins

Storage bins are the best for designating products by category in your home. You can have storage bins for your kids’ toys, seasonal items, or even pantry items and so much more! To see some storage product ideas for your home, click here.

2. Label everything

My goal is to one day own a label maker! You can label your pantry spices and containers, your storage bins, or just about anything! Plus, everyone living with you will thank you by making their lives easier once they know what everything is thanks to the labeling.

3. Clean as you go

Keeping your daily spaces tidy can reduce your regular cleanup! This also helps keep me mindful of the spaces around me and helps me stay focused! It also comes in handy when needing to find something... if I clean up and put things back where I found them, I will spend less time looking around for it!

4. Ask for help

You don't need to carry the weight all on your own! Asking other household members to help clean and keep organized can be fun teamwork and many hands make lighter work! Have little ones? Consistently invite them into a fun cleanup time, even if they don't join right away, they may surprise you down the road!

5. Create Stations

Set up purposeful stations around the house & relocate anything that doesn’t belong. For example, you can have a coffee station, a self-care station, a drop-off zone for your keys, phone and wallet, etc.

7. Have a cleaning schedule

In addition to cleaning as you go, having a cleaning schedule is helpful for the main house chores that need reoccurring attention. Designating certain days to different tasks and different cleaning zones can help all areas of the house get cleaned and save you time.

8. Organize your closet

For a place we go to every single day, this is a space that is easy to just close the door and ignore, but every time I reorganize my clothes and make it look neat and tidy again, I feel SO much better. Plus, my neatly folded clothes are easier to see, making it more enjoyable to choose my outfit for the day.