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Plant your Home+Life: Interview with Plantie Sara

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

It's time to dive into a topic that is a huge design inspiration for me that can make any space come to life...plants! Plants are often the finishing touch a space needs whether in a vase or a pot, faux or real... they can definitely make a house more of a home. With their obvious vibrance and calming affect, plants give off a sense of serenity and energy. Given their need for regular care, they are usually either fully embraced or avoided altogether. With the proper lighting and room conditions, caring for plants can be simple and enjoyable with a little bit of knowledge and some tools in your belt!

This interview with a dear friend, a lover of plants and people, has been a dream of mine for the past few months. There is nothing better than connecting with other creatives, and I couldn't think of a better resource than Sara when it comes to the topic of plants. My hope is that you would feel encouraged, inspired, and a little more confident when it comes to adding greenery to your home+life after reading this blog. You can follow Sara's Instagram @plantiesara for tips and solutions where she makes herself available to any plant questions you may have!

In the meantime, let's dive into the inside scoop she has to share with us!

How have plants personally affected you in your home+life?

One of the reasons I got into houseplants was for decor! They really do bring me joy! I like the feeling of taking care of something and seeing it thrive. I first got into houseplants during the pandemic when we were all locked inside our homes, but they provided me with a safe and fun hobby! Now that we're moving back towards normal life, I love propagating and sharing plants with friends! I enjoy being able to give plant advice and help others with their plant care over on my Instagram @plantiesara :) I also love the color and texture that plants bring to your space. Green is my favorite so maybe I'm slightly partial, but I love my Raven ZZ and Ficus Burgundy for their dark hues, and Hoyas for their pink hues! I love the fact that plants help purify our air! NASA did a study on this years ago and it's great to know that plants can benefit our health just by being in our house!

What are some of your favorite plants?

I have about 50 plants in my house. It sounds like a lot but I promise it isn't that overwhelming. I love plants with easy care that can also liven up a room. Pothos and Philodendron are my favorite trailing plants. They can grow very long in a short amount of time and they're easy to propagate! The Monstera and Ficus are also a favorite of mine for some taller statement plants.

How do you choose a plant for a space?

Knowing the placement of where you're putting a plant before purchasing is always helpful. We want to try and mimic a plant's "natural" environment within our homes in terms of light. You can use the compass app on your phone to determine which direction your windows are facing and approximate how many feet away from the window a plant will be. I always recommend looking at the care requirements of a plant before buying it for your space. If the plant of your choice requires lots of light, but you only have a north facing window, that plant will not last very long. Some great low-light plant options are Spider Plants, Monstera, Pothos,