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2022 Vision: Love Your Home + Life

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

If you've heard that the winds are changing with KM Design Company, you are correct! From almost 10 years of serving through residential interior design, I have decided it's time to switch things up as I've recently become a mom of two and have been diving into whole and healthy (holistic) living for the wellbeing of my family and I am now seeing for the first time ever that this is why I got into interior design in the first place... to inspire whole and healthy living from the inside out, literally. Except now it's bigger than just home interior design... but through the design of your daily life at home, or what I like to call the home+life.

In my elementary years, I remember listening to teacher's conversations about other students and how their home life wasn't so great. It caught my attention and broke my heart as someone who loves to see other people happy, and I wondered what could have been going on for that other child and wondered about what makes a home life great. I would like to think that the home life of every household is valuable and can be nurtured even from the outside in. The home is where oftentimes confidence, love, value, order, and even disorder, chaos, tension, and stress are born. Besides being a place of pure shelter, home is the place where we rest, refuel, labor, nurture, heal, and grow. And yet, it's the place where connection happens but can also coexist with stress and anxiety.

And why is that? Because as our fast pace-society demands our attention, the sacred and secular have quickly become roommates, making it seem more and more difficult to find peace at home, especially now for those working from home.

It's hard to find the energy to make your home beautiful with the never-ending task list that keeps getting pushed back, rather than focusing on life's more important things...

And then shopping remorse kicks in until you have piles of goods and returns just waiting to be another dreaded errand.

That's why I have created the Home+Life edit! Through just one 90 minute consultation, my desire is to provide you with better solutions and resources that help simplify, equip, and empower every household wanting a better quality lifestyle and to get you to a place of confidence in knowing what you need, want, and don't need in your home.

How do I plan on doing this you ask? With just one 90 minute consultation with me, I will help you navigate through your home+life wins and losses and devise a master plan on how to get you back to thriving in your home whether it's through your new organization skills, your ability to prioritize with routines, or even equip you on styling your own home, closet and maybe not your kids, but you get the point ;) I will be sharing practical products, tips, blogs, how-to videos, and various types of resources in the areas of all things home (design & decor, tidying, wardrobe, home goods, plant care, etc) and wellness (self-care, daily routines, goals, etc)

This not only for those struggling to make their home ideas come to life, but for those who are desiring a healthy & thriving home life altogether. It's for those who are wanting their home to take care of them versus trying to constantly maintaining their home. I believe that every home should be a place of connection inspired toward healthy living for the whole family. Studies have found that in North America and Europe, we spend 90% of our time indoors. Our home affects not only our moods and stress levels, but our immune system and physical health, and relationships, as well as our behaviors.

I do believe in inner peace and happiness that does not come from materialistic things, but there is something to say about our environment having a say on our overall well-being.

Almost 10 years ago, I had a mutual friend as my very first interior design client in a cute and quaint town of old Roseville who was longing to have a space of her own while she was healing from a recent divorce. Since day one, we worked together on making her space bright, inviting, rejuvenating and a place where she could find her passion and zeal for life again. This was when I knew that I was in the right business. To this day, she has reached out to thank me for the time I had helped her, as she has moved a few times since then and recently hired us to help with her new haven in D.C. This is the review she wrote us:

"The artistic genius of Kristina is unparalleled. She took a house I moved into that felt lifeless and cold and turned it into new home of warmth and healing for me and everyone who visited. She knows how to skillfully manage a decoration budget and to create magic with whatever she has to work with. Her passion, professionalism, and work product will inspire and amaze you. You don’t just get a decorator when you hire Kristina—you get a passion-driven, excellent designer who creates vibrant living spaces to meet your personal, professional, and emotional needs."

The best part of what I do is hearing about stories like this.

And why does all of this matter? Because as the world gets faster and faster, there is an increased appetite for more thoughtful and healthy living from the inside out. People want to feel recharged, invigorated, motivated and whole; I often find that people want a place to nurture, grow, heal, a place to share, and a place to rest. There is a reason and abundant evidence that even in healthcare, patients heal more quickly at home because home is most of the time, their most calming environment.

My desire is to create stress-free living by removing clutter, equipping every family member to dive into taking care of the home, and to encourage a more un-plugged life, full of reading, reflecting, nourishing, playing, and being present with your loved ones. Through our Consulting Services, we pay attention to every detail of your home+life needs and make them come to life through a custom organized plan made just for you. With some organization tips, space planning, and recommending product essentials that can serve as reminders of gratitude and grounded-ness, we envision your space with fresh eyes, seeing the beauty of what it could be, and then set you up to make it a reality.

Our goal for you is that you would love your home life, by making home living simple and enjoyable for you and your loved ones. You might have thought that hiring a professional lifestyle designer is far above your budget, but in reality, just one consultation can go a long way and get you headed in the right direction in helping change perspective and even daily habits for the long haul. So whether you spend 19% percent of your time at home, or 90%, we know that every part of your life at home has a significant role in your overall health, and that just like your health is worth investing in, so is your home+life. If you would like to book a consultation today, fill out this form here and let's discover your new home+life together!

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Bob N Dee Taylor
Bob N Dee Taylor
Feb 26, 2022

Such a great tie in of all of the life you have lived and how it has lead you to the new life that is opening in front of you. Well said

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