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February Challenge

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Why wait for Spring cleaning? We all know we need it... to clear our minds, our cupboards and every space in our home. That's why we've created this 28 Day Challenge, to keep everyone moving forward with their New Year goals and to help ease your home life! Starting on February 1st, we will spend at least 15 min each day purging and sorting, leaving only what brings value to daily living. When redoing all your nooks & crannies, remember to keep only the necessities, and think of your desired daily habits to set you up for success! So gather up your friends for accountability and let's do this together!


  1. Update & simplify your Pinterest - Closet, nutrition, and new organization skills!

  2. Fridge & Pantry - Bye bye expired condiments! Hello sorting new groceries!

  3. Kitchen Cabinets - Old/worn utensils & Tupperware, be gone!!

  4. Linens closet - No more discolored towels or rags!

  5. Office drawers & supplies - Don't need those loose papers anymore!

  6. Mail & important documents - Hello to designating the perfect space for these!

  7. Keepsakes (memories, pictures) - What do I see coming with me in the future?

  8. Nightstands & Dresser - No more junk drawers! Hello nighttime necessities!

  9. Bath Vanity - My body deserves only the best, goodbye old makeup and jewelry!

  10. Clothing & Wardrobe - Day-to-day, workout, business and date night besties!

  11. Kids closet/toys - Do they really need this?

  12. Shoes - Do I really wear these?

  13. Handbags & wallets - Do these go together with my outfits? What do I want inside?

  14. Garage cabinets & tools - Time to organize!

  15. Seasonal decor - Do I want these every year?

  16. Cleaning supplies - Goodbye multiple Windex's!

  17. House Plants - Repot or regift?

  18. Laundry Room - Time to clean that detergent gunk?

  19. Baskets, blankets & pillows - oh my!

  20. Wall decor - Are you still in love?

  21. Vases & florals - Treat yourself ;)

  22. Books & Accessories - Reread or regift?

  23. Hall Closets - Anything we missed? How about movies & entertainment?

  24. Garden shed - She-shed time?

  25. Garden weeds - It's a great day to pull weeds!

  26. Electronics - No more crazy wires and old electronics!

  27. Computer - Time to backup and go through all those emails and old files!

  28. Car Clean-out - Time to get rid of those plastic wrappers!

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