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How to Decorate Larger Walls

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Does your home have beautiful large blank walls that you keep staring at? It's time to get some inspiration and bring those walls to life! Decorating blank walls can be an easy and fun way to add your unique style and personality. Here are my favorite ways to decorate your blank canvas that I have applied in some of my own designs!

Focus on Large Scale Art

Adding large scale art or wall hanging is a great way to create a focal point on a blank wall or over furniture pieces! The idea is to catch the physical eye with a fun art piece while maintaining simplicity, especially if you have other accessories in the room or further down the wall. Focusing on a large painting or wall hanging gives a timeless and chic look, adding versatility and sophistication. If you're feeling artsy and would love to put your own touch on your home, you could even purchase a blank canvas and try a DIY art piece! Some of my favorite places to find larger wall art pieces are Etsy, HomeGoods, Target, Minted, West Elm and Lulu & Georgia. Below I have the Candice Luter Asymmetrical Macrame Wall hanging in natural.

Hang Accessories

Hanging Accessories is a great way to create storage, add functionality and style to any space! You can get multiple hooks, or one long hook rack, hang it near an entry to hang coats, bags, and hats, and you now have created some stunning wall decor! The key is to keep it simple with number of accessories and making sure it flows with the color palette of the room. This is an easy way to show personality and can be a less expensive way to display your favorites! I love searching Amazon and Etsy for some great hooks and hook racks! Below, I have this hook rack from Amazon and I painted it white.

Feature Gallery Wall

Adding a gallery wall is a classic way to doll up any wall. There are so many ways to do a gallery wall... in groups of 3, 4, 5, 6, or more if you have the space for it! For larger walls, adding larger gallery frames or mix and match of different sizes will help the wall appear larger and organized. You can put the frames directly on the wall or you can set them on a long shelf if you have furniture below. As a rule of thumb, try to keep the gallery wall the focal point while minimizing other accessories on the wall or in the room. For gallery wall frames, my go-to shopping places are Target, Ikea West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and the

Highlight With Sconces

Installing sconces are a great way to highlight other objects such as furniture, artwork, or can even stand alone! They add a nice touch by the default metallic affect and can make the room look classy and finished. Not to mention they add a beautiful ambiance in the afternoons and evenings! Sconces are a fun way to add character and they don't have to be expensive or hardwired either! There are plenty of plug-in options that can be more affordable and easier to install! A few of my favorite resources for sconces are Etsy, Cedar & Moss, West Elm, or Amazon! The one displayed below in my own home is discontinued but you can find similar ones at West Elm.

Paint or Board an Accent Wall

Painting or boarding an accent wall are a bold and simple way of adding statement to any wall. Whether it's a bold accent color, partial color block or adding shiplap, board & batten, wood slats or panels, your wall will get an automatic upgrade that will add character and style to any room! The accent wall will create a focal point that cannot be ignored and will accentuate any other features in the room. There are so many neat things you can do with paint! It doesn't have to all be one plain color, but you can paint shapes or any kind of design if you want to put your artistic touch! Some of my favorite wall accent ideas are painting an accent arch, or adding a white oak slatted wall! For my son's nursery, I have painted an arch over the crib using the Dunn Edwards' Blank Canvas.

Incorporate Large Mirrors

Incorporating large mirrors help bring more light into the space and instantly bring elegance. Whether it's a leaning mirror or a hanging one, mirrors will help reflect the light into the room and make it appear more spacious. Mirrors aren't just for bedrooms and bathrooms, but you can hang a large round mirror over a bench, mantle, sofa, console table, or on its own as wall art. You can't go wrong with a mirror... they're extremely versatile and show the bigger, the better! My favorite go-to spots for mirrors are HomeGoods, Target, Anthropologie, and West Elm! I have the 36" x 24" Over the Mantel Mirror from Target.

Add Fun Wallpaper

Wallpaper has always been in style in the design world but now bigger and better with way more options to choose from! With resources like Etsy and Pinterest for inspiration, wallpaper and wall decals are a playful way to add flare to any space! You may see wallpaper used in a bathroom, laundry room, nursery, or even a sophisticated dining room. If your room feels like it's missing some life and color and you love a bold and chic look, try adding some wallpaper! Whether it's peel 'n stick or the glue-on kind, wallpaper can help soften and romanticize the space while giving it that luxurious and moody vibe that brings those walls to life! My favorite sources for wallpaper are Etsy, Hovia, and Lulu & Georgia. I have personally used the Moroccan Wallpaper Mural by Sarah Sherman Samuel in our guest bath as shown below.

Utilize Shelves

If you are a collector and are looking for a way to display and consolidate some of your favorite treasures, shelves area great way to show off your collectibles! From plants to books, vases and figurines, shelves will add sophistication and purpose to your walls. The idea of using shelves is to beautifully display your style while also maintaining organization. They can be great higher up on the wall, in the middle, or on the lower end for a child's reach in playrooms. Shelves can be hung on the wall as floating or you can a standing wall shelf to create dimension, height, and display your creativity. I love to shop for shelves at Ikea, Target, Etsy, West Elm, and CB2. I have personally used the 48" Slim Low Profile Floating Wall Shelf White from Target.

Layer Textures

Adding texture to your walls can easily make your home feel cozy, cultured, and creative. If your room needs a little more texture, layering some woven wall baskets are a great way to add dimension and keep it neutral. This can be done in any room in the house and can be an inexpensive way to show your unique style and taste! Layering other textures such as mirrors and picture frames paired with other decorative objects work really well over a console table, piano, or mantle for a high end look. You can find many wall baskets, mirrors, and picture frames in stores like Etsy, Amazon, World Market, West Elm and even Home Goods and thrift stores. For juju hats, I love finding many color options particularly on Etsy.

While you probably already had some ideas on how you wanted to decorate your walls, hopefully you now have some other creative ideas to help you! Don't be afraid to mix and match some of these ideas like pairing a large mirror over a wallpapered wall, or adding some sconces on each side of your large painting. Or you can add some shelves to your painted accent wall to show your own personality and style. Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be the perfect combination that reflects your personal charm!

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