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Home+Life Consultation: What to Expect

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

There are so many different ways to approach a consultation, so it’s no surprise if you’re wondering what to expect, especially on a home+life consultation...Now what is that all about??? Well in this post I will to give you the inside scoop on how booking a consultation with me can help your home+life, what to expect in a consultation, and how to prepare for a meeting with me, whether it would be in person or online over video chat. So let's dive in, shall we?

If you’ve seen my website or have chatted with me about my business, my dream is to get every one of my clients to a place where they don't just love their home, but love their home+life altogether, where they are able to fully love their daily life inside of their home, and that their life would be overflowing to the people outside of their home. To me, design is more than just making a home look beautiful, but is more about your home being a reflection of you loving your daily life, and what better way to offer solutions for all things home, than in a consultation where you can approach me with all your home+life needs. Whether that looks like helping you find the best products for your daily routines that are enjoyable and reflect quality and functionality, or helping your closet reflect the style you love that best suits you, or helping you with colors and decor in your home that help you and your guests feel happy and relaxed. Whatever it is, my goal is to be your personal all-things-home consultant to help you in your home+life goals. In just one meeting with me, we can cover multiple solutions to optimize your home+life and set you up with some tools and resources for success!

So let's begin with a consultation! In a consultation, I will usually ask questions about your lifestyle and about your home goals to help you connect with the home+life you want to work on. The consultation requires a little bit of prep ahead of time and also some follow up so the cost is a flat fee of $200 for a 90 minute session over video chat where I will provide you with as much advice and information as I can to make your time worthwhile, followed by some rough sketches, pictures, and notes from the consultation to help you move forward with the steps on your own. If any additional online or in-person meetings are required, we can definitely work with whatever you're needing and make sure you feel confident and equipped!

Before we meet, it’s good to have a game-plan on what we would like to focus on for the consultation. I will ask you to create a private Pinterest board for us so that you can pin either inspiration images or pictures of your home so that we can both have a good visual inventory before the consultation. Together, we will discuss the various needs you have and choose the top 3 priorities to start with. If you need advice on multiple areas in the home that exceed the top 3 priorities, I might suggest we schedule multiple meetings in advance to cover all bases. In just 90 minutes, we can accomplish a lot and may even have extra time to spare as long as we stay focused on the task at hand.

I always love a new challenge and coming up with different solutions, so in our consultation I’d love to hear on the various areas you want to focus on. Do you need help with picking out paint colors? Then let’s go through some textiles and inspiration pieces in your home, such as a painting or rug that you want to be the basis of your color palette. Do you also need help with ideas for organizing your closet or making your Pinterest board come to life? In just 90 minutes, I could help you create a palette of colors and finishes, an organization and design plan of action, and also help you figure out which colors, textiles and furniture pieces will help you get to your desired look and feel.

Need help styling a particular area? I might schedule an in person meeting to bring some of my own stocked decor to use a mixture of your decor and new pieces to style a bookcase, a table, or another small space.

At the end of the day, my goal is to always meet your expectations and have no question left unanswered. At the end of our consultation, I will send you a follow up email with notes from our meeting along with any other info on some extra research if needed, and if any other help is needed, I’d love to see you again and book another consultation, because in the end, I want you to love your home+life and feel empowered and equipped to living a successful life at home no matter the situation! Want to see more behind the scenes on why I created the Home+Life? Click to see our other most recent blog: 2022 Vision: Love Your Home + Life! Ready to dive into a consultation with me? Let’s book something today! Click here to fill out a form to sign up now!

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